Why Are Animated Videos Important for Business Growth?

Recently businesses in Manhattan have adapted to the use of visual aide through animation to get their message across to their audience. And one of the local companies Logoin30minutes is doing exceptionally well in helping to make this possible.

Animated videos in Manhattan gives you the opportunity to break the clutter and set yourself apart from them. They are providing with the following set of services for businesses to carry their messages to the audience in a more understandable medium:
2D Animated Videos
Logoin30minutes can help you gain a unique edge with creative, aesthetically pleasant 2D animated videos and bring your audience to fall in love with your product. Our animation department handles video scripting, storyboarding, voice over and animation – giving you a complete package.
3D Animated Videos
At Logoin30minutes, we have a team of certified animated experts who can create virtually any 3D asset or environment. From raw models and textures to rendered images and videos — we do it all. Using a blend of technologies including Unity and Maya, we create stunning animations for businesses belonging to almost every industry.
Whiteboard animation
At Logoin30mintes, we have created amazing whiteboard videos for small businesses and entrepreneurs which have greatly helped increase revenue and attract customer interest
Stop Motion Animation
Stop motion animation is the current craze of the industry! It is composed using images of objects and figures to create animation. Objects are captured as images and then smart video editing is done to compose an interesting video that grasps the viewer’s attention.
Integrating their marketing has also helped them to better than their respective competitors in this particular domain.
Their marketing team puts together all the pieces needed to give a cohesive voice and visual identity for your business.
And also makes sure that your brand is cohesive in tone and that it connects with your customers. The brand’s team comprises of marketers who have been successful brand managers in the past and every client are dealt with by the industry-specific person.

Print Media

They are creating engaging content that resonates with these animations and attracts the interest of your target customers.
They are brand specific and the teams are industry specific which helps your business grow exponentially. The designers will craft your website in a way which will make sure results are clear to you.
“We put together all the pieces needed to provide a cohesive voice and visual identity for your business”.’
The brand’s team puts the entire jigsaw in place to make sure we are able to manage an image for your brand that is cohesive in a tone that connects with your customers. Our brand’s team comprises of marketers who have been successful brand managers in the past and every client is dealt with by industry-specific person. This ideology by Logoin30minutes has helped them take a step ahead of their competitors.

Your brand is our responsibility

We make sure that your brand’s identity is exclusive and it connects to your audience. In a world, where exists a plethora of brands we make sure that your brand breaks the clutter and gets the attention it deserves. Our support team follows your brand and recommends you what’s best or your brand even after service.

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