Marketing Content Strategies

Marketing Content Strategies to Boost Your Branding

To help marketers for building and managing their brands in a dramatically changing marketing communications environment, the customer-based brand equity model emphasizes the importance of understanding consumer brand knowledge structures is put on forth. As a digital marketer, a social media manager faces many difficult challenges in different aspects of their functions. Many are forced to be creative with a limited budget, while others will be hobbled by sudden changes in a platform’s ...

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How Does Content Marketing Boost Social Media?

  Content marketing in New York is a form of non-traditional marketing communications whereby a brand produces or designs content in different such as images, text, videos, audios, etc. and disseminates that content to targeted audiences and customers. Social media is a great platform for content marketing for many different reasons High level of control over the content design Listen and monitor sentiment to create great and relevant content Low cost of ...

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