Stop Motion Animation – Why Everybody loves It?

If you are eager to draw up some animation but aren’t aware of how to receive it, this article will help you. Quite often, people think that you have to spend countless hours repeatedly drawing the same figure with just a simple change between each character. Although there are indeed a lot of creative techniques that you can employ to bring fun and cool animations without endless repetition. We’ve listed down some methods you could use for efficient stop motion animation.

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You can utilize all these techniques with minimal tools. Apart from the essential things for any stop motion animation like a camera, computer, and some free software, you can use these things with a paper, pencil, and eraser or the preferred method of a dry erase board. The dry erase board is preferable as it gives us the chance to draw and delete things on the go.

Image Source: Logoin30Minutes

Text and words – The fundamental purpose of a stop motion animation is to communicate a message or a story while employing text to make the message more substantial. You can also write words and sentences directly at your place of work. Also, you can do it in an animation style by adding a letter and words one by one.

Draw a background – This is one area that is quite often overlooked in animation, but a visually appealing environment or even a simple one can add a level of depth into your storytelling. You can animate it or also leave it with no motion at all.

Simple action – This is the technique of drawing an object on the work area, taking a picture and erasing it, and then redrawing it on another location. This directed motion of the object stimulates movement and is extremely useful and straightforward to conduct. It may be as simple as raindrops progressing down the work surface or maybe a bouncing ball across your screen.

Growth ads lines and features – Think of this as something that is growing before your eyes. Trees and plants make the right subject for this. You can draw a line, take a picture, extend the range, and take another image. Until the projected growth is achieved. You can also reverse engineer this technique and make use of objects that may shrink in size. This can be achieved by erasing and taking pictures in small increments.

Vary the speed of what is happening – This is an extremely vital tool. You always have to remember that things don’t happen at the same rate of speed, so drawings should vary to reflect this. Characters may run or walk, and the items can move slow or fast. A flower grows slower while rock may fall from the sky faster. Space the drawings to reflect the difference in speed.

Image Source: Logoin30Minutes

Stop Motion Animation in New York is a beautiful creative pursuit and a lot of materials and tools to make some great animations.

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