PPC vs. Native Articles: The Going On Tech War

There are numerous ways to market your product/services online, but the most popular ones are PPC and article marketing. The battle between these two mediums has heated the internet for a while. PPC is “paid marketing,” while native articles are a form of organic search engine optimization. Do we have a clear winner? Is anyone better than the other? Does anyone of them offer better ROI than the other?

A glance through search results about the questions above may result in contradicting information. Some of the results display SEO as the single best way of moving forward. However, other results display native article marketing and SEO as the best solution. To understand, it’s essential to track down to the source of information.

For example, the score is set by both the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and ComScore. However, these two entities’ results displaying are biased due to the sponsor influencing these results. Nevertheless, you can always find studies sponsored by PPC companies to be favoring PPC.

To explore the core of this subject matter, we need to consider several factors. Both native articles and PPC work well, and there’s no doubt about that. However, choosing a winner is ambiguous between the two. Let’s take a closer look at this situation to have a better analysis.

To have an informed decision, consider the main underlying factors that include click-through rates, cost-effectiveness, and the conversion ratio offered. When a consumer makes a search on an SEO for a particular product or service, they’re presented with ten results immediately. There are always fewer PPC listings than natural search results. And this factor is the reason that because of sufficient natural results, people avoid clicking on ads altogether. However, for a website to be listed in the top 10 search results for a specific keyword, there has to enough relevant content. Besides, internal HTML coding has to be strong enough, requiring knowledge and expertise to implement.

Natural search results are very natural, and there is no fee to be paid for the listing. While PPC ads are the complete opposite, in PPC advertising, the highest bidder would get the top spot, whether the site is relevant to the customer or not. Article marketing, on the other side, makes sure that the most relevant website is provided to the customer.

Summarizing it, PPC ads aren’t necessarily what the customer is looking for it. With time the consumer is also learning this. Sometimes it just takes a few instances for a searcher to stop clicking on these PPC ads completely. Current research on this topic shows that customers are opting for natural searches more frequently over these PPC ads. You’ll even find that people who favor PPC agree that they don’t have enough substance to it. Marketers need to employ an efficient mix of PPC and article marketing to achieve optimum results.

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