How Does Content Marketing Boost Social Media?


Content marketing in New York is a form of non-traditional marketing communications whereby a brand produces or designs content in different such as images, text, videos, audios, etc. and disseminates that content to targeted audiences and customers.

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Social media is a great platform for content marketing for many different reasons

  • High level of control over the content design
  • Listen and monitor sentiment to create great and relevant content
  • Low cost of content dissemination
  • Increased opportunities for audience interactivity and engagement
  • Increased opportunities for content to be virally shared
  • Increased opportunities for real-time feedback

However, there are some challenges and risks associated with it. The biggest problem with social media and the big downside of social media content marketing is that it is a crowded place. It is very easy for you to get lost in the crown and become a part of the noise. Because of the so much social media content available, your content can easily go unnoticed. For this reason, minimizing this risk is really important. Different approaches that can be taken by businesses/individuals to do include:

  • Boosting: paying to increase the reach of a post.
  • Content calendar: which specifies which content is to be posted when-days and times when followers/audience are typically on the platform is important. To identify when an audience is online there are different tools available such as Iconosquare, Tweriod, and SimplyMeasured.
  • Businesses should know their audience.
  • Push social sharing by having catchy headlines, interesting content and the social sharing buttons. Apart from this, you should also focus on the visuals and infographics to make it more appealing.
  • Conduct post-level audits.
  • Consider relevance.
  • Connecting with social media influencers is also one way to stand out and reach a larger target audience through their endorsements. This also creates credibility for you.

To develop an effective social media content some things should be kept in mind:

  • Be relevant to the audience
  • Be relevant to the brand
  • Do not overtly sell or advertise
  • Be useful and informative
  • Be positive and upbeat
  • Keep communication fairly informal. However, this may change according to the brand.
  • Do not ignore what the audience says
  • Have variety across your content

Content Marketing Make Over

Here are 9 ways to make your content marketing more effective:

  1.  Have a plan.
  2.  Know your audience.
  3.  Know when and where to post.
  4.  Quality over quantity.
  5.  Mix up content.
  6.  Experiment.
  7.  Focus on people, not search engines.
  8.  Optimize your content.
  9.  Test, analyze and improve.

Content marketing in New York can do wonders for you if utilized to its true potential. It has the opportunity to give leads through SEO Urgent rather than PPC.


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