Creative, Communicative, and Captivating – Instagram Marketing Content in 2020

Kicking off your digital marketing with Instagram – as the leading social media branding platform – can be a good move in 2020. Summing it up to its demographics, we have found quite interesting facts and ideas, which can help design a perfect Instagram marketing strategy.

This blog is all about sorting out the problems, discussing the solutions, and planning something ‘extraordinary’ following sections comprising expert insights, experiments, and study. Let’s go!

  • Stats & Demographics Help You to Channelize
  • Instagram Algorithms You Need to Take Seriously
  • A basic plan to strategize the work
  • Content Ideas You’d love to explore

Stats & Demographics

Before choosing Instagram as your social media marketing and community platform, we would suggest you check it out thoroughly. It may seem a bit basic, but it will help you to channelize the business and to keep your work kosher.
According to Statista,

“In 2019, 71% of the billion monthly active users on the Instagram app are under the age of 35. Hence, it is the most common social medium among millennials and Generation Z.
While ’83 % of Instagrammers say, they discover new products and services on Instagram’- Facebook, 2019.

Whereas, Instagram helps 80% of Instagrammers to decide between buying a product or service. Rest is about age, gender, industry, and population – area wise, which you can search easily.

The above mentioned three important facts show the age bracket, purchasing power, and online branding impact. It helps you to determine a strategy and business type in which you are going to market via this platform.
You are much sure how to work with the generation, contributes to a significant Instagram population

Instagram Algorithms You Need to Take Seriously

Instead of just making your feed ‘fuller’ and uploading content, we recommend you to take an in-depth look into the algorithm. Although, after a short period, these algorithms come up with a new update. A more challenging one.

“Currently, Instagram has sought to answer common queries around how its feed algorithm works – and while some of the answers it’s provided are not 100% clear.”

We’ve collected the answers to guide you better.

‘We don’t universally favor photos over videos,’ Instagram hinted. However, the algorithm does not favor image or video posts – as noted above, this don each user’s behavior.

Authenticity and transparency are the keys to building sustainable Instagram engagement. “Instagram newsfeed is based on a machine learning system.” So it can recognize inauthentic orders and adjustments made.

A return to the chronological timeline is not happening any time soon. It seems by 50% more followers on feed than the chronological feed, said Instagram.

These answers from Q/A session by Instagram smoothly revealed the secret to ‘earn’ maximum engagement, i.e., quality content and avoiding shortcuts.

Work Strategically

Initially, it’s about engaging more people through posting. Let’s start with the zero, the complete bottom line. A fresh setup account with no posts, zero followers, and new analytics seems a big task to maintain and to grow.

Start posting with quality content consisting of well-defined captions and catchy captures. Also, contributing to the community helps you grow productively. Follow the relevant business accounts, initially. Other basics to help you design a compelling strategy are:

  • Post consistently
  • Create Unique Instagram Content that is visually appealing and hooks the audience.
  • Measure your analytics, instead of just going for the best universal timings.
  • Engage in your community posts, increase your visibility
  • Try to use Instagram features such as text, create, stickers, location, etc. in a genuine way
  • Tag to correspondent accounts and avoid spamming.
  • Use hashtags smartly instead of just filling it up.
  • Content Ideas You’d Love to Explore

The most critical factor in having decently progressed social media marketing and online business is creating peculiar and trendy content. It’ll help to create a social buzz in the audience, but on a keynote, Instagram appreciates unique content, which is not spammy or feed-filling.

As Instagram mentioned,

“As always, you own the content you post on Instagram. Remember to post authentic content, and don’t post anything you’ve copied or collected from the Internet that you don’t have the right to post.”

Also, promoting illegal and prohibited genres or using them in your content can let down your brand image. Thus, instead of following every trend, we suggest using a sane, creative, and methodical approach here. Following are some content ideas, which might help to strengthen your social media community and, boost your social media marketing

Focus on Visual Identity

Being a modern age marketing platform, Instagram values the concept of brand identity. And, honestly, to earn a maximum retention place and to create a lasting impression on the audience.
Beyond color theme, fonts, and post content style, a brand visual identity needs a professional approach and content relevancy to the niche. Perhaps it is all about perfect alignment and a ‘brand aesthetic.’

“The goal of your visual identity board is to be able to use it as a reference for when you’re creating your content plan.” – Later

Contest Posts

Back in 2018, it was the peak time for contest posts, which helped to create user-generated data and to get a dense response. It included giveaways, challenges, Q/A, entry-contests, story sharing along with hashtags. In fact, many influencers and brands use this idea in their content strategy, which has resulted in:

  • Earning of genuine followers
  • Stronger social media representation and branding
  • Reach out to maximum users
  • Credible community relations

Well, this gets continued by 2019 with more innovative ways, including Instagram Live sessions. In general posting, the ideas come up with catchy social media graphics designs or live photos along with a cute little logo on the. You can make them instantly.
*image dolly Parton challenge*

Informational Content

Okay! We all know Instagram is not just about sharing your photos with close people nowadays, things are getting commercial, and users are seeking for informative and meaningful content. On the other hand, commercial advertisers and marketers are deeply connected to the audience via social media; hence Instagram is also a decent platform to share useful content.
We have seen pictorials, tutorials, tips, facts and figures, celebrity story slides, and much more. However, in expert’s opinion delivering them right according to the platform is unignorable.
For example, an Infographic story having a live image, text, and appropriate color scheme is more attractive than a simple one, with just colorful text.

It’s all about a perfect layout of texts, images, and digital art.

Artistic Posts

Filling up your feed is merely outdated. We have seen many color theme settings or simply aesthetically pleasing graphics last year. This year is all about levelling up the visual game. Produce – yes again, produce not make – content that expresses your thought, approach, and offers a unique perspective to the audience.
The best part to create your social media graphics artistically is; it is not bound to the words and verbal communications. An artistic post design, along with the brand logo and well-defined captions, sounds decent and communicative. These post-arts include digital illustrations, abstract designs, neon work, and anything which doesn’t bind your creativity.

IGTV & Videos

Hook your audience with IGTV by the platform. Let’s keep algorithms and logic aside; universally, video content is ruling the world. We all love seeing tutorials, short films, documentaries, challenges, funny clips, and music videos on social media. According to WordStream, “92% of users watching video on mobile will share it with others”. Using video content marketing is one of the most interesting ways to communicate with the masses.

“People are 1.5 times more likely to watch video on their mobile phones” – Facebook

Also, generally, you can see a dense response towards video content on various Instagram business pages and accounts. A weekly IGTV story perhaps is the best product, refrains you from time limit like the feed videos.

I am summing it up!

Instagram is all about visuals, primarily. You can make it on your own, in fact, you do. But, for
powerful online branding, a professionally crafted one is essential. All you need is to have useful and engaging content that can be created with ideas shared above.
No! Don’t bound yourself here, and we always value creativity. A legit timeline, marketing strategy, and professional posts boost up your social media performance a thousand times.

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