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“Content is the Key” – 9 Tips for Effective Marketing Content

The digital ages aces every-passing-day. Everything from platform to methodologies and algorithms is getting developed, swiftly. Still, some problems can be as basic as writing good content.

No, we aren’t judging or considering this a very less important stuff. As a matter of fact, it’s still one of the most critical elements and acts as the foundation of digital marketing. Many of us, in fact, trying to pursue it as a career and looking for the right direction.

It is inevitable to understand what does ‘content’ means; when it comes to online marketing and digital platforms 2020?

Understand the ‘Content’

The most important word of this decade would be ‘content’ when it comes to digital marketing. Let’s dig inside and get some clarity. The content is a tool, used as a bridge between the audience and online business through multiple channels, accordingly.


Nowadays, or simply, in 2020 content means a written, visual, or audio-visual piece of information that delivers engaging information. It won’t be wrong to say; it has become an umbrella term. Which includes various forms and a dynamic approach. And, what that dynamism could be, I’ll let you know. 

Reading vs Writing vs Creating

This section is going to bridge the further gap, for understanding the content. 


Digital media a.k.a. digital marketing platforms in 2020 has become challenging yet intriguing each passing day. Let’s talk about the prior times when we used to collect information via reading and to express it into words; mostly in a piece of writing. We express our thoughts, ideas, or opinions, simply.

When this expression meets the commercial attitude, it evolves into a ‘content’. Hence, Content Marketing has become a vital field among various digital marketing subjects. The perfect activity for the term can be ‘creating’. Creating content includes sharing information in such a way that contributes to the profitable growth of a product, service, organization, agenda, or person.

The Marketing Content

2018 brought a great bloom in the digital marketing era i.e. focusing on quality marketing content. And, the grip held tighter and soon it shifted into a specialized field ‘Content Marketing in 2020. That means a great number of platforms, various content styles, and challenging competition. These digital platforms include social media, websites, mobile application, Email, digital databases & galleries, and streaming channels


Hence there’s a huge diversity for digital content such as articles, blogs, informative writings, interactive stories, image-based content, videos, audio, controlled content, and – from now in this pandemic situation –  webinars and live streamings. 

No matter what type you are going to kick-off with. There are a few tips to make your content really effective for marketing or even earning.

Make it Communicative

Make it for the audience and try to create a comfort zone.


One of the most significant aspects a healthy content possesses is fluent and effective communication. In fact, this quality differentiates Marketing Content from just being a piece of writing. The simplest technique is to avoid keeping it rigid and too formal. Formalities can create a barrier, hence slow down the growth process.

Make it User-Friendly

Choose to Earn the Engagement for your Content


We, content makers, are not just writers; at least can’t be to achieve marketing targets. Never overlook your users/readers/audience while delivering your content. Just don’t throw it.

Without expressions, emphasization, and emotions, it’s difficult to build a connection with your audience. Don’t perplex them with tough representation.

Determine a Direction

Don’t just jump on the Bandwagon.


Homework is necessary for good results. First, keep in mind about the niche you’re working on. To avoid getting side-tracked, work with a methodical approach. Brainstorm ideas, choose a topic, list down factors and sub-categories, express them, and conclude accordingly.

If you’re working on something in-trend, keep it relatable.

Set Your Boundaries

These boundaries will protect your content from being restricted


Using forceful tone, insulting ideology, excessive show-off, and disrespecting opinions are still the major avoidables. 

Also, sometimes there’s too much to say, but we can’t be gabby. Instead of explaining each and every term, manifest it via visuals. This is the point to let common sense be in the action.

Keep Content Fair

Ethics, strengthen your content marketing platforms


Take it sensibly, nobody expects you to be a master in everything, every time. We all are in the learning process. It’s alright to take references and quote statements. In fact, it helps to build community, certainty, and credibility.

Yeah but don’t ignore the responsibility. Give credits where due. Also, avoid fake endorsement by false proclamation and sources.

Express Your Thoughts

Don’t fake it to make it.


According to Omnicore Agency ‘s 2020 YouTube Stats, “There are 50 Million Creators on YouTube” – just one platform among millions. That means the stats are actually a massive number if we count other ones.

You’re the owner of your timeline, so respect that sovereignty, and don’t be shy to communicate genuinely. It helps you to build your audience or maybe a fan base.

Bring it in Different Forms

Enjoy the diversity.


To get the maximum engagement and – for that matter – to make it more reachable or platform friendly, represent it in more than one form. A long series of never-ending paragraphs could be as irritating as an image posted without context.

Give heterogeneous media substances a definitive space, such as Graphical Content, Animation, Embedded Links, or simply stock images, according to the chosen platform.

Understand Your Digital Medium

YouTube is the search engine for videos that allows putting stories


Cross-posting is outdated and content stuffing is irritating. Instead of just filling up a platform, get a little guide about it. By using a combination of content forms, don’t mean to go unplanned and overly stuffed, for the fact. Instead, prefer the real primary use of the platform, take benefits from other advantages offered, and modify the content style respectively.

Make Content Actionable

Viewers will be motivated to search more…


An effective content let user experience ‘how to apply the information.’ This is the right time to offer ‘hit buttons’ between the lines. We, occasionally spark different ideas while writing for a topic, unknowingly. So it’s better to connect those triggers with the right places, or simply encourage user-generated content, which strengthens your community.

“When you write your blog post, give users tips on applying what you are offering them.”, Neil Patel


Your selected medium can pay off in more than one way. All it needs a definite target and an appropriate strategy. Understand your content medium, keep an eye on the 2020 algorithms, and induce creativity to maintain the uniqueness.

Focus your audience: understand their appetency, create ease for them – perhaps the one-stop solution for their all problems, and produce efficient content, rather than just helping one.

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