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You have great content, you are familiar with hit strategies to be a brand or you have applied these strategies and run successful marketing campaigns so far. Then it’s time to grab audience on your page or site at the just single tap in few seconds and create conversion and brand name, your meaningful relationships with your audience and good name should give you enough number of sales conversions, a good name in market, and ROI.

“Most marketers know that great sales copy can be the difference between the customer choosing you over someone else. But how do you write sales copy in a way that sounds persuasive and authentic to your brand? How do you know what to say, when to say, and how to make it count?” – Mike Kim

The Skills

You have been work with too many social media and digital marketing skills and this era demands a little, but louder content either it’s video, graphics, words, or whatever. The little body of powerful and meaningful text here is a real boost in marketing and sales conversion. “Single tap marketing is an art that appeals to viewers to become audience so smoothly. It should have impressive content that is enough to convert into a brand name or sales at just one tap.

“A smaller, more relevant, and engaged audience is more valuable than a larger, less engaged one. Those That know how to advertise well, will win this game.” -Michael Stelzner

How to Extract the Best from It

Insider” one of the most loved and read website features for all big departments of lifestyle from food to business and produces worthy content every single time either it is a blog or a video. The website truly knows the art of being prominent and attract people genuinely. It was all about “Insider” at the beginning that sooner became Insider Travel, Insider Business, Insider Beauty, Insider Culture, Cheese Insider, Insider People, Insider Health, and Insider Food while featuring trending and most updated topics, with densely fruitful and highly appreciated results.

I personally love this thing because it makes a clean board for me, for the users of specific interests. For example, I’m a marketer and want to stay updated with the latest business trends and news. I am a foodie and chef as well, and I exclusively want to know about newer food, food trends, and restaurants across the globe with or without having any other interest.  Insider eased it for me, with its apportioned Insider Business and Insider food, so:

  • I get myself updated with information on my interest without getting fed up of the page.
  • It creates curiosity to get more information. So, I stay connected to the page.
  • It does not let the audience to be tangled in so many sections. It is sorted in pretty neat sections that provide on-point information.
  • It makes the audience to explore more about it, in the cleanest way without getting perplexed and irritated.

Now it’s time to know how can we shape the content attention make it catching and tone it to perfection that makes the reader go till last and finally makes that click we all are waiting for. So here it is:

“Increase social influence and awareness for better conversion. Understand and leverage the right content for doubling the growth of your list” – Donna Mortiz

Make it timeless

It can be a short less time taking video or the catchy headline. But it can be much better when people know that it’s a limited edition.

“The latest in the ever-growing list of marketing buzzwords is ‘ephemeral.’ Brought into the public consciousness by Snapchat, ephemeral content is any material that is impermanent. Where most marketing exercises are concerned with creating timeless content that generates engagement over as long a period of time as possible, ephemeral content is as short-lived as it comes. The opportunities presented by Snapchat’s meteoric rise are still yet to have properly come into focus, and brands are experimenting with how best to engage with an ever-growing ephemeral audience.”

Don’t neglect the genre

You cannot ignore the genre or niche you are working on since it is most important. One visits your website or searches for you because of the interest in the specific genre. As I mentioned above “Insider”, is subdivided into the specific genre and makes content related to just that specific one. Getting out of track is always a disastrous way to your name. However, you can relate other fields to your specific category.

For example, “10 foods that are cancer-fighting”, “5 fruity treats from Australia”, “This woman from Chicago sells best street food in the town.” These subjects are covering health, travel, and business here respectively along with the main genre that is “Food” but writing on business strategies or cancer new research out of blue on this platform, is the worst idea.

Try to differentiate, make priority genre from the content, and then put it in the category, where you can relate it to others.

Cover Attractive Stories

Select that topic, which can be attractive to people, it’s important to grab one’s attention and draw it on your platform. Add stories that people want to know as well, either it can be in trend, in-demand, unique, latest, or some old evergreen thing people still want to know about. You can put your thoughts inside this boundary line. It is foremost and most important to give appealing content, it should be powerful enough that people want to read it from the beginning and then want to share it in the end. Here, how do you end and what do you put into it, matters a lot too.

Make Content Precise and Point

It is the most important part of a digital marketing strategy since ever. On point, things are always attractive and create a positive impression on the reader. “Say less do more” is always appreciable and the making of phenomenal ephemeral content is highly about quality ideas and points, not on the number of words. Your content should be precise on one topic, covering it completely from top to bottom, and should be presented in the simplest way. Too much lacking or too much adding both become inconsiderable, people are running out of time to read paragraphs and find out the real context now, so make sure it should be clear and mess free.

“What to consider when creating the video: Curiosity (does it inspire a sense of wonder?). Clean (can everyone watch it?). Contagious (is it cool enough to share?)” –Zach King specifies it for video, an important part of modern digital marketing as; 

Design Your Content that Creates Curiosity

It is one of the happiest feelings when people want to know more about you and explores your content. You have grabbed attention, the audience has found it interesting and now it is the time to maintain this interest till last. You can make content in the points so that readers would not be confused, instead, they scroll up or tap to know more.

Design your content in continuity with an upcoming point until the second last, your last point can be ending but must be welcoming for readers toward your brand. However, it depends on the content’s quality to be impressive to the audience or not.

Don’t Drag It to Boredom

Putting enough information and each and every detail in your content is good, but don’t exaggerate it up to the boredom. Try to cover all points as short as possible. Make it interesting, simple, and less complex. Once you have caught the attention and immediately the audience’s interest in your content, it is the right time to hit the point and get the real purpose finished by achieving the CTA button clicks for which we are waiting for. Adding more and more and more content can drop their attention. I suggest keeping it short but if it cannot be, create intervals within the content that persuade your audience.

Proper Management

The well managed social media platform is a key thing in social media marketing strategy by its automation and scheduling of right content with an advanced social media scheduling tool or social media managing professionals, which are good to be serviced.

It is time not just to create or not just to maintain but fuse both for affirmative results. Creating content that levels all the standards and published in on the right time at proper intervals in a day, a week or a month cannot be negligible as well. People don’t want the same kind of content every day but expect a variety of quality content. Every day they seek for it and admire it too.

“Story ideas come from Fear. Wishes. Inventions. Illusions. These are just 24 frames per second that are somehow able to convey so much emotion; I have to be a part of that. Real but with a little bit of magic.”  Zach King – Owner

Single Tap Content Can be

Single tap content can be anything in any form, it can be a picture, some short video or text write up or on the ephemeral side it can be an Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook story. It’s all game of presentation, and being fine on techniques.

“It’s unlikely that your brand will have a message as emotive as that of WWF, but that’s not a problem. What brands should be focusing on is finding innovative ways of exploiting a medium by producing content that is as native as possible. In a world of ad blockers and declining interest in display advertising, users will reject any message out of line with the other content on the medium. Understanding why the users are there in the first place is key to delivering a message that offers true value and will, as a result, get true engagement.”

Final Thoughts

After all the above discussions we have concluded the following points:

  • Today digital marketing demands content that takes less time of audience, and along with this, it should be timeless by self to create curiosity in the audience that pulls people out to click and watch it.
  • Content should be quality enough to be spread by the people and can keep their attention in continuity.
  • And last, you cannot ignore these techniques from grabbing the attention to create a place in your audience’s hearts. Each technique is a newer step towards success and achieving the goal. Here, distraction and boredom at any point can cost you a heavy charge.

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