Dos and Don’ts of Logo Designing in NYC

Your Logo Designing in NYC is not only an icon that ought to look good on your website, but its purpose goes beyond. You logo is your brand identity so it should reflect your brand’s personality. Here are few dos and don’ts you need to take care of when designing a logo.


Just a pretty logo won’t be enough. You need a logo that communicates the spirit of your company. Typically, it is considered that a logo is an icon that has to literally show your business, product or service. However, it is not the case since it has more to do with conceptualization rather than literal meaning. Suppose you product is shoes, so your logo doesn’t have to be a shoe. It could be an icon that gives the feel of speed, running, walking or movement. It is recommended to use simple icons to make logos.

Use the Space Efficiently

Logos are all about your creativity and how you use the space in logo reflects your creative mind. Sometimes a frame around the logo looks beautiful, but you must be tricky about the breathing space. You can use a small size font or enlarge the frame. If you are not using frame even then you must be careful about the placement of various logo elements.


Make sure that your logo is seen by the audience. The best way could be the use of contrasting colors. For instance, it looks simple and visible to use dark backgrounds with white color texts.


Make sure that all of the elements you have used in the logo are well-aligned. It’s the golden rule for designing a well-balanced logo.

Icon Size

The size of your icon can change the overall look, visibility, and balance of the logo. Typically, your icon is never smaller than your text.