5 Inspiring Trends in Logo Deigning 2019 in NYC

Business owners constantly strive to appear unique and more visible than ever. Here Logo Deigning 2019 in NYC is one of the branding element that can make the change happen. Every year comes with new refreshing trends in logo designing while few trends keep repeating for many years. With addition of new trends, business owners want to be updated and consistent with the latest technologies. Most of the companies seek smaller changes in a few years. Here are some inspiring trends for your brand if you want to design or redesign a logo.


Geometrical Shapes

Circles and other shapes always give a royal look to your logo. One of the biggest names of the times have used shapes to impact lives. Star bugs and Mercedes Benz are two examples of a circular logo.

3D Logos

Drawing logos in 3D is the need of time. From 3D movies to 3D everything, it is a great way to become visible to your audience. No doubt 3D logos are more interactive than 2D logos.


It’s not been very long since when Instagram switched to the gradient colored logo. The way Instagram rebranded itself inspired a great number of brands to switch to gradients.

Hand Writing and Imagery

Using a handwritten font in your logo is always a classic idea. Same goes with the hand imagery, it gives an authentic and reliable feeling. As logo is your brand’s personality, you convey the warmth to your audiences via holding hands, reaching out or pointing. It enhances the assurance and trust among the audiences.


Replace Letters with Illustrations

You can be playful with the ideas, just by switching the letters with illustrations. It also gives your logo a feel of your product or service.