Top tips for businesses to get your perfect logo in USA

You should know that your logo in USA is extremely fundamental to your business. A logo is the basic identity of your business and its how people recognize you. An ideal logo is retained by the customers in their minds and captivates them. An ideal logo will appear appealing in all shapes and sizes and every possible channel or medium as well. Some logos are great while others a problem for your business. They might seem visually appealing, but they pose a myriad of printing issues.

One of the most critical errors people make is not giving their designer any direction to follow. They just hire a designer, give them the company name and instruct them to design a logo. In most of the cases no further direction is given. Perhaps some preferred colors or a suggestion on the type of symbol you could associate your brand with would work. The business owners are mostly dependent on the designers and they believe that the designer understands the parameters and needs of the logo design. From my personal experience, about 50% of the logos I come across are centered on aesthetics and visual appeal only. Although aesthetics and visual appeal are vital yet there are many other things that need to be considered in order to deliver the perfect design and will also play an important role down the road.


While it might be appealing to use a friend or family member who deals in graphic design (and are usually cheaper options) the logo usually ends up costing you down the road. You are very likely to encounter issues with design egos and also have to deal with the possible time delays. They may also lack the technical knowledge necessary to encounter these issues. This is of a less concern for logo design and cause major problems on the other projects. On the other hand, don’t discredit these people. I’ve seen some great work come from aspiring designers and those who work for just fun.


Regardless of where you find your logo in USA designer, make sure you review their portfolio and then confirm these two criteria:

  1. Find a designer that will provide you with a vector logo. If they can’t, get another designer. If they don’t know what a vector graphic is, do NOT hire them!
  2. Make sure they will give you the following files:

– The original (vector) file from the program the logo was designed in.

– A (vector).pdf of the logo.

– A (vector).eps of the logo.

– Three high resolution.jpg’s of the logo, one 2″ wide, one 12″ wide and one 24″ wide.





  • Colors
  • Minimal yet effective use of colors
  • Tight color registration can cause some issues
  • Color fading/shading can’t always be printed
  • Custom colors can cost money
  • Size
  • Shape


An important note on different versions – You shouldn’t feel restricted by any of these guidelines. For example, a logo that looks like modern graffiti would most likely go against all of the guidelines above, but if that’s what you want then that’s what you should have. Just ask your designer to produce modified versions that can be printed in a single color or smaller spaces